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Earl Grey Tea Benefits

Earl Grey Tea Benefits

Jan 03, 2022


Earl Grey Tea Benefits

Earl Grey Tea Benefits are on the menu for this blog post. So pour yourself a cup of tea and cozy up for a short read on how drinking this popular blend may benefit you and your health.

As Christmas festivities start to come to a close and the New Year is nipping on our heals we know that you most likely have resolutions on your mind. One of these intentions you hope to make may be wanting to maintain a healthier lifestyle when it comes to what you put into your body through food and drink and we believe pouring a cup of Oteas Earl Grey Tea can do just that.

As a small family run business we take tea seriously and want you to know that we make sure each blend is hand crafted with the planet in mind as well as ensuring that each tea blend is sourced from sustainable resources and that they will be a healthy choice for you and your family or friends.

Hot Cup of Earl Grey Tea

It can be easy to feel a bit worn down from the holiday season, all the hustle and bustle before the big day, gatherings, catching up with loved ones, and making sure that your work was completed before you started your holidays.

As the New Year kicks into gear we urge you to take the time to make sure your sipping choices are both healthy and can benefit your body, this will aid you in living a healthy lifestyle and could help you reach your resolutions for the upcoming year.

Our Organic Earl Grey Tea is blended to achieve a distinctive flavor with a unique aroma derived from bergamot oil and cornflower oil. It’s made with black tea, contains natural flavor and also has blue cornflowers.

Earl grey can also be referred to as Bergamot Tea which is usually made from black tea leaves as well as the fruit from the Citrus Bergamia tree, this is why when drinking a cup of earl grey you are left with aftertaste of citrus. This tea name got its origins from the British prime minister in the 1830’s named Earl Grey, and because of this, this type of black tea is usually associated with the English. What most folk don’t realize is that it’s originally from Southeast Asia and is currently cultivated in the south of Italy as well.

Oteas Loose Leaf Tea

If you struggle with digestion issues the flavonoids in bergamot tea might be able to help you fight inflammation.

Drinking black tea, like earl grey, can help lower blood pressure and this blend may improve your heart health alongside improving your digestion.

Some of the other main health benefits you may acquire when drinking Earl Grey tea are that it may be a factor in boosting your heart health. 
Drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea has been known to help with lowering a persons cholesterol.

Earl grey tea benefits are also found in its amount of caffeine intake. Similar to coffee when you drink a cup of earl grey it will give you a little kick, and help you become a tad bit more alert, but it wont have the same jittery effects that a cup of coffee can have.

Earl grey also doesn’t have the same way of dehydrating you the way a cup of coffee can.

This type of tea also contains fluoride, meaning that when you drink this tea blend it may protect your teeth from getting cavities.

Your metabolism may be maintained better when you drink a cup of Earl Grey, that means it could be a factor in helping you improve weight loss when you are trying to kick those extra calories you may have picked up over the holidays!! This is because of the citrus in the tea which helps energy consumption in turn making your metabolism work towards loosing those extra pounds.

Earl Grey benefits don’t stop there, they may also help protect your body from viruses like the flu because it contains immunity boosters. How cool is that?!!
One more thing to note is that Earl Grey tea has L-theanine; this is an amino acid and it is known to help calm people down and help them to focus. 

Oteas Tea Pot


What we offer at Oteas in the way of Earl Grey tea is our 15 count Earl Grey tea sachets, our 25 count Organic Earl Grey tea sachets and you can even order this delicious blend as a bulk order of 200 tea bags. 

You can order our Earl grey as part of our black tea bundle which includes a 15 count box of English Breakfast, Black Tea with Caramel, and Black Tea with Turmeric, these are also delicious blends in our black tea line up.
We carry a variety of loose leaf black teas that contain some of the health benefits mentioned above within their individual blends.

All of our tea bags are plastic-free and biodegradable. The packaging is Certified Home Compostable making the tea drink good for you while the packaging is great for our planet!!

If you want a suggestion for a sweet treat you might also like making an Earl Grey Fog. This is similar to a London Fog you can get at many cafes or tea shops but instead of using English Breakfast you steep Earl Grey Tea.


  • 1 sachet of Oteas Organic Earl Grey Tea

  • 1/2 cup steamed milk of your choice
1/2 cup boiled water

  • 1 tsp vanilla flavoring or sweetener of your choice


Boil water in a tea pot
Place tea bag into mug

  • Warm milk on stove top for about 1-2 min or until it comes just to a boil.

  • Steep tea bag in hot water in your mug for about 2 minutes
Once tea is steeped remove bag from mug, pour in warm milk

  • Then add sweetener

  • Stir once and enjoy!!

This sweet treat can be enjoyed with any of our black tea blends, but we recommend trying it with the Earl Grey to start! :)

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