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This tea was part of our popualr daytime and night time cleanse package. This night time tea is a staff favorite.  So many amazing ingredients to help you sleep and detox your body.  

(The Daytime Cleanse has been replaced with our Organic Rejuvenate Tea) 

Nighttime Cleanse : Gluten Free

Honey Bush, Rose Hips, Linden Flowers, Sumac Verbena, Lime Leaves, Spearmint, Sweet Orange Peel and Sun Flower Petals

Packaging is Certified Home Compostable. Plastic free

Steeping Instructions: 75*c 1 cup 5 min

Steeping Instructions:



Our tea blends are hand-crafted with you in mind.

100% Plastic-Free & Biodegradable Packaging!

Loose Leaf Servings: 50g = 18-20 cups; 100g = 36-40 cups; 250g = 90-100 cups