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Top Tea for Women's Health: Our Raspberry Leaf Tea blend is a caffeine-free blend has soothing properties and has been known medically to treat ailments such as cold sores and relief from morning sickness during pregnancy. This herbal tea is refreshing to drink hot or cold.

SALE: Perfectly Imperfect Lot Issues.  Our wonderful Raspberry Leaf Tea is Perfect, but in some of these batches some of the tea bags have been coming apart.  Not on all batches, but potentially on a few.  On-Sale with a Free Steeper to put your Tea Bag in in case it happens.  With Multiples- one steeping ball per purchase 




Raspberry leaves (40%), apple pieces, light hibiscus, rosehip peels, flavor, raspberries (5%), blackberry leaves, sweet blackberry leaves.

Steeping Instructions:


Gluten-Free, Vegan, Caffeine Free, Non-GMO Verified


Our tea blends are hand-crafted with you in mind.

100% Plastic-Free & Biodegradable Packaging!

Loose Leaf Servings: 50g = 18-20 cups; 100g = 36-40 cups; 250g = 90-100 cups