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Oteas Tea Collection In Glass Storage Jars

All Organic Tea

Go Natural

Organic tea made from plant-based ingredients with a blend of nourishing herbs & spices.
Oteas Tea Boxes, Glass Tea up, and Tea Mug

Enhanced Flavor

Premium Taste

Herbal teas blended together with the most delicate, hand-picked botanicals.
Oteas Tea on Wooden Display Table

Staying Healthy &

Saving The Planet

Celebrate the spirit of Oteas today with delicious, organic, and eco-friendly tea.
Certified Vegan

Delicious Health-Conscious Options for Everyone

1% For The Planet

Helping The Earth With Every Purchase of Tea

Caffeine Free

Choose From A Large Selection Of Naturally Caffeine Free Teas

Plastic Free

100% Plant-Based, Biodegradable Packaging

Helping To Make A Difference

Taking an environmentally friendly approach.

A conscious awakening has occurred across the globe. Great taste, and far less waste is what modern grocery consumers want. At Oteas, we believe that in order to elevate our human health, our physical environment should not have to be compromised. We are committed to using high-quality, hand-blended ingredients, and 100% plant-based packaging.

Good For You & Good For The Planet

Whole Leaf Ingredients

Whole leaves, herbs, spices and the finest botanicals make up our innovative tea blends. Experience natural and fresh flavor with each and every sip.

Plastic Free Packaging

Zero waste packaging to ensure that our teas contribute to a healthy circular economy, rather than ending up in a landfill contributing to our earth's plastic pollution problem.

Unique Blends

Natural components are used instead of artificial flavors to create one of a kind tea blends that taste incredible such as Strawberries & Cream and Black Tea with Caramel.

Helping Our Planet

We are a proud 1% for the Planet business partner, contributing funds and efforts towards helping outdoor lovers protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change.


LOVE Oteas tea for the amazing variety of flavours and the environmentally tea bags and wrapping (what they call Bio-film)! Who knew?! I'm sure the Earth thanks you, Oteas! I do too!

Tasha Simpson

Received my order tried one yesterday and I can honestly say it was the nicest tea I’ve tried.

Rob West

I've ordered this sample pack once before, honestly everything I've tried has been amazing. I even went and bought a glass teacup so I could see the bags do their thing!

Tina Marie

These are the nicest teas I have tried. Love that you can see the lovely ingredients and it’s not just powdered and I enjoyed every single one of the sample pack.

Lisa McLeary Author Designation

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