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How to Throw the Best Holiday Tea Party

How to Throw the Best Holiday Tea Party

Dec 04, 2021


How to Throw the Best Holiday Tea Party

The nights are getting shorter, the year is coming soon to an end, and we know that you might be asking yourself how are you going to host a tea party this holiday season? We want to help you step up your holiday game this year with some Oteas easy to follow party planning thoughts.

Get out your tea pots, go find your ugly Christmas sweater, gather your mugs and let’s get talking holiday tea parties.

If you are anything like us, you like to be prepared so we suggest gathering up all of the items you will need a day or so before your party is ready to be had and even preparing some of the treats before hand. 

To be fully prepared we suggest using an Oteas glass tea pot when you throw your holiday party, they are the perfect size to steep just the right amount of tea for you and your friends. 


We also suggest our Oteas glass on the go mugs, they keep your beverages warm, have a cork band that will keep your hands from getting too hot when holding your tea and they look cute too. Shop Oteas Tea Accessories!

It is easy to consider the environment when hosting a holiday tea party this season with these few simple steps.

Make sure that you shop local, this can help ensure you get sustainable items as well as support small businesses near you. 

You can think of things like going to the thrift shop and looking for pre-used holiday items like garland, or even getting cute china cups or holiday featured items there instead of purchasing things brand new this year. Or you could even get your guests to bring their own holiday mugs with them and make a game out of who wins for having the cutest holiday mug!

Another way to ensure you are keeping your holiday party sustainable is to use cloth napkins instead of throw-away ones or paper towels. If reusable isn't an option opt for brands like Repurpose who offer sustainable single use items for friendly food get togethers.

You could make decorations from dried fruit (such as dried oranges, or maybe you want to try stringing popcorn together with dried cranberries (old school style), or you could cut out snowflakes from scrap paper and make cardboard cut out ornaments, or try using a potato stamp to carve out holiday designs that you can stamp on old packing paper if you have any lying about. Really the possibilities are as huge as your imagination here!

So you now have some ideas on how to decorate for your holiday party using things that are lying around your house or that you can purchase at a low cost in a sustainable manner. Now let’s talk about some tasty treats you could serve at your party.

You will definitely need some tea at this party but before we get to the tea, here are a few ideas on what else to serve at the party.

Mini sandwiches (your choice), veggie tray, humus, crackers, cheese platters and cookies, you definitely need some holiday cookies to get your party started!

You could also suggest to your friends that it is a holiday cookie exchange party where everyone brings a dozen of their favorite hand made holiday cookies along and as you part ways at the end everyone leaves with one type of each cookie brought.

If you really want to wow your guests we suggest making our Oteas Earl Grey Cup Cakes.

They don’t take long to make and they have the beautiful taste of our earl grey tea infused inside the cupcake which people wont expect. You can easily make them the night before and have them on hand during your party, they will for sure be a real crowd pleaser, we promise!!

We suggest that for your holiday party you have a few different types of tea blends around because you never know what someone’s favorite blend can be. So it’s a good idea to brew up some black tea, green tea, fruit tea, or herbal tea or at least have some on hand for your guests. 


We like the idea of having some hot water pre boiled in a thermos surrounded by a few of our loose leaf blends displayed at your holiday party in different bowls with one of our wooden spoons (that have a clip attached), nearby so that your guests could help themselves to whatever blend they fancy throughout the party.

Now if you really want to go all out you could also set up a little ‘make-your-own-peppermint hot chocolate tea stand where your guests can portion out an individual cup of Oteas Peppermint Hot Chocolate. All you need to do is gather the ingredients and place each ingredient into a small serving bowl with serving spoons, boil up some hot water and keep it warm in a thermos or in one of our Oteas glass tea pots and let your guests do all the work. This is a great little activity for your guests to participate in at your holiday party. We suggest using our Oteas Green Tea with Peppermint blend or our Moroccan Mint blend for this.

Depending how much you want to splash out on your pals that you invite over for your holiday tea party, you could offer a little grab and go gift for them to take home. An easy way to do this would be to order one of our Tea Stocking Stuffers. This will get you 20 individual tea sachets of your choice so that would be a great little gift for your guests. You could either gift each person 20 sachets or you could gift them a few from the sachet pack of blends that you chose.

If you are feeling even more generous you could gift them a steeping ball for their loose leaf tea, or a wooden spoon, these are great ideas for stocking stuffers too!!

Now for the tea, it wouldn’t be a tea party without tea and Oteas has you covered! You can choose from any of our green tea, black tea, herbal tea, fruit tea or organic tea blends to serve at your holiday party, and all of these can be found on our homepage. 

Some of our holiday blend suggestions would be our Cranberry Crush Tea, Sunshine Tea Blend, Black Tea and Caramel, as well as our Raspberry Leaf Tea, Strawberries and Cream Tea, and Orange and Ginger Tea, to name a few… we have too many tasty blends to name them all here.

We hope these suggestions help you throw the best holiday tea party your friends and family have ever been to and we would love to hear how it goes for you and we wish you a happy holiday season!!

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