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Finding Your Perfect Tea Blend

Finding Your Perfect Tea Blend

Nov 18, 2021


Finding Your Perfect Tea Blend

Is your cupboard full of teas and coffee that get pushed to the back and sit there for ages, unopened? You spent money on them but they just don’t do it for you? We want to help you find your perfect tea blend so that your cupboard can be less cluttered and your taste buds can be satisfied.

Finding your perfect tea blend might seem like a daunting task. Let’s be real, when you go to the grocery store or even when you try to shop for tea online, so many options pop up or are begging for your attention, we get why you might just keep scrolling, or rolling by.

At Oteas we proudly offer amazing tasting teas and we are so happy to say that all of our varieties come in packaging that is completely plastic-free and compostable. So not only will you have great tasting tea in your cupboard when you pick us, you will also know that your choices help to keep the environment free from plastic.

We carry a variety of tea blends; black teas, herbal teas, green teas, fruit teas, matcha tea, and chai tea, not to mention we also carry loose leaf teas!

Is your head spinning now and you still don’t have a clue where to start and how to choose your perfect tea blend? Don’t panic, grab what you have in that cupboard of yours and we will help walk you through which tea blend is perfect for you.

Our first suggestion for you when trying to find your perfect tea blend is to try our Oteas sample pack. This is the most cost efficient method for you. It contains 12 different types of our delicious tea and we ship it out to you for free. That's right, free shipping for your sipping.

The Oteas sample pack includes varied tea blends such as; black tea, green teafruit tea, and herbal tea. Our sample pack comes in plastic-free, home compostable sachets that taste amazing and are good for you and good for the planet. Each different type of tea offers different things and here is a breakdown to help you work out which tea is your perfect tea blend.

Black tea has caffeine where other tea blends don’t have that kick or they might have a small portion of caffeine. Black tea is a natural source of caffeine and if you are looking to wake up, black tea is the way to go. Black teas can be easier to brew up in comparison to other blends because the steeping times wont be messed up if you accidentally let them brew too long.

Fruit tea has a bunch of fruit mixed right in with the herbs, spices, and tea leaves, making for a perfect beverage served hot or cold. We love our fruit teas because you can actually see real pieces of fruit in our blends, especially when it comes to our loose leaf teas.

Green tea is known for its health benefits. It contains less caffeine than say a coffee or other tea blends. So it’s a great blend to choose if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but also if you want a wee caffeine kick. Drinking green tea daily is recommended because it’s antioxidants are really good for you. And our green tea’s have high quality tea leaves and natural caffeine.

Herbal teas usually only have herbs in them and are mixed with spices not tea leaves. For example our blends have real chunks of cinnamon or lemongrass in them.

We carry 7 types of Matcha. Matcha is essentially green tea leaves that have been crushed up to make powder and our flavors aren’t to be missed!! They come in 50 gram portions or 100 gram portions.

We also have an assortment of loose leaf tea to choose from, that include herbal, fruit, black tea, green tea, and chai tea.

Now that you know different types of teas that are out there and what we carry, all that is left, is for you to decide what mood you are in; are you happy? Do you need a pick me up? Or maybe you are feeling adventurous and want to try a blend you wouldn’t ever have thought you would have liked before? Once you know what mood you are in you have to decide if you want a fruity taste, a herbal treat or a caffeine kick. Or would you prefer a sweeter taste, or something that will relax you. If you are looking for some of our teas that can contain health benefits you could also try sampling some of our functional tea blends. These functional blends can help wake you up, keep your immunity system in check, or help lull you to seep. 

The only real thing left for you to do is clear out that cupboard, give away the old tea or coffee that just sits there to a friend or if it hasn’t been opened consider donating it to a local food bank and then go, get online and order your sample pack in the mail or better yet, get that sample pack, call up a friend and share a cup of tea together! Then choose your favorite tea and order each other one for the upcoming holidays!

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