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5 Athletes Who Care About The Environment

5 Athletes Who Care About The Environment

Jul 07, 2021


Eco-Conscious Athletes

With the summer Olympics soon underway there is a lot of discussion about what role athletes play not only in their sport of choice, but also when it comes to their social presence. More and more celebrities are being asked their stance on social issues and athletes are no different.
We have seen many take a stand against a variety of social injustices, from the outfits that they are banned for wearing to inappropriate behaviour from members of their team, so it’s only natural to ask what exactly our favourite athletes are doing with regards to the environment.
Sports superstars aren’t exempt from taking accountability for their social impact, so if you are interested to learn which famous athletes practice eco-friendly and sustainable habits, keep reading!


Serena Williams       

A world-renowned celebrity in her own right, Serena Williams is known not only for her incredibly tennis skills, but also her involvement in the eco-friendly movement. Not only does Williams eat a plant-based diet, but she has also launched an eco-friendly clothing line that sells vegan and pollution-free products.

Rather than contributing to harmful practices in the retail industry, she is working to change it by also investing in sustainable start-ups that are trying to reduce overconsumption of meat products.


Kelly Slater

            Kelly Slater is known as the youngest surf champion of all time, so it’s no surprise that he would have a strong affinity for the health and safety of the oceans. As an entrepreneur, much like Serena Williams, Slater has launched a sustainable clothing line that uses recycled plastic from the oceans as a way to keep the seas clean while also reducing waste. He emphasizes the importance of responsibility along with style and aims to change the way future consumers shop.


Eliud Kipchoge

            When he’s not breaking marathon records, Eliud Kipchoge is helping Kenyan wildlife by working at conservatories and raising money for their wellness. All animals play a role in the ecosystem and how our planet functions and Kipchoge understands the importance of conserving wildlife in areas that suffer from poaching and less-than-ideal circumstances for survival.


Yao Ming

            Yao Ming might be most notable for his stature—standing at 7 feet tall as an NBA all-star—but he is also known for being an advocate for the health and wellness of wildlife. In 2006 he became a WildAid ambassador, calling for the end of illegal wildlife trade and for the end of the consumption of shark fin soup.

The unnecessary consumption of sharks leads to a negative shift in all of the oceans’ wildlife, as well as humans, which is why he is so passionate about the cause. Reports show that his efforts have actually worked and led to the decline of shark fin sales in his home country of China.


Devin Logan 

            As a professional freeskier and silver medal winner, Devin Logan has emphasized how difficult it is to experience shorter winters due to climate change. She has expressed how important the natural balance of mother nature is to her passion, which is why she is affiliated with Protect Our Winters, a non-profit organization that focuses on legislation regarding climate change.

Logan knows that making a positive impact on our planet starts with the leaders we elect to make important decisions regarding emissions by big corporations and is putting her effort toward creating a sustainable future for everyone.


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