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6 Small Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Be More Eco-Friendly

6 Small Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Be More Eco-Friendly

Aug 31, 2021


Eco-Friendly Changes to Make to Your Home

When you decide to make the switch to living a more eco-friendly life, your first instinct might be to cut out unnecessary plastic, minimize your intake of animal products/bi-products, and start carpooling to work. However, there are a variety of ways that you can begin your sustainability journey with the way you manage your home. Something as simple as your décor or your daily household habits can have a huge impact on the planet, so why not start from the easiest place? 

            If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly, but don’t know what you should implement or cut out from your home life, below are a few simple changes you can make to your home to be kinder to the planet.

  • Buy Biodegradable products

 Cleaning tools and kitchen appliances are unavoidable when you’re a homeowner, however you can be more eco-friendly by buying biodegradable products that can be disposed of easily. Bamboo dish brushes or natural sponges are an easy way to keep your home clean without contributing to unnecessary waste in landfills. Furthermore, by purchasing from brands that use biodegradable packaging, such as Oteas corn-based teabag packages, you won’t have to worry about how to dispose of them appropriately.

  • Use cold water when you can and skip the dryer

Another simple and effective way to be more eco-friendly at home is by avoiding using excessive heat, like with your showers or your laundry. Where you can, opt instead to use cold water and hang-dry any clothes so that you can cut down on how much heat you use. This is especially easier to do in the summer months, so take advantage of the natural heat! 

  • Be mindful of how you use your kitchen

 More often than not, your kitchen is where the most un-eco-friendly behaviours happen. From excessive water use, bad recycling practices, and too many appliances that use heat, it’s easy to see why starting from this room is the simplest way to reduce your carbon footprint.

As a way to be mindful with how you use your kitchen, opt to avoid using your oven to heat food unless absolutely necessary and stop buying single-use products that only fill up your trash can. If you’re a tea lover, buy from companies that provide loose leaf teas that can be steeped in reusable tea pots, such as Oteas’ Digestive Mint and Liquorice loose leaf tea. 

  • Plant your veggies instead of shopping for them

A simple and fun way to reduce your waste and consumption is by opting to grow your own veggies and herbs in your backyard if possible. Not only does this allow you to stay healthy by incorporating homegrown greens into your diet, but it also allows you to be more eco-friendly by not having to always take a drive to the grocery store. 

  • Use natural cleaning products 

The products you use to clean your home can take a toll on the environment as they often make their way into the water supply. Not only is this harmful for humans, but it can also affect nearby animal habitats. Instead of using harsh chemicals, switch to natural cleaning products that use ingredients which are safe for your family and the planet without sacrificing effectiveness.

  • Opt out of paper mail when possible

In the digital age there is really no reason to still be getting paper mail. Whenever possible, try opting out of physical mail and transfer your documents to digital copies. Not only is this less wasteful for the environment, but also much more organized for you.

            Being kind to the planet starts with your habits at home. For more information on how you can be environmentally friendly, visit Oteas today!


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