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Green Tea Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Green Tea Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Nov 27, 2021


Green Tea Peppermint Hot Chocolate

You’ve heard of peppermint tea. And you’ve most likely had a hot chocolate during those chilly winter months. But have you ever tried a Green Tea with Peppermint Hot Chocolate?

We bet that you haven’t had the pleasure quite yet, so we are going to share how you can get a great tasting beverage that all your friends will wonder at over this holiday season…

Grab yourself a cup of tea and get ready as you read how easy it is to wow all of your family and friends this holiday season!!!


Our Organic Green Tea with Peppermint blend is refreshing with the familiar taste of peppermint and will increase your antioxidant intake. This nutritious tea has a hearty flavor and can aid with digestion making it great to drink straight after a meal.

So when you add it into your satchel of treats for this holiday season you know it will not only be a tasty winner at those holiday gatherings but you know it will be aiding with keeping a healthy lifestyle as well.


  • 1 tea bag  Oteas Organic Green Tea with Peppermint - steeped (2-3 minutes)
  • 1/2 CUP of water boiled  (let stand for 1 minute after it comes to a boil)
  • 1/3 CUP warm milk (or substitute any milk alternative you prefer)
  • 1-2 TBSP hot chocolate of your choice (we enjoy Reishi Hot Cacao Blends)
  • 1 TSP mini marshmallows (you can find these online and we tried Dandies which worked well)
  • 1 mini candy cane (these are easily found at any grocery store throughout the holiday season) If you buy in bulk you don’t have to have more than you need. (We are also appalled at all the excess plastic packaging that goes into those little candy cane treats but we sure do like the extra flavor it gives this drink).


If you’d like to make this treat a wee bit fancier you could always add some whipped cream topping. We suggest the Gay Lea Coconut Whipped Cream. It will make the drink a little bit creamier and even more of a treat.

You could also add chocolate shavings by taking a dark chocolate bar of your choice and grating it on top of your whipped cream by using a chocolate shaver or if you don’t have one of those simply use the smallest grater on your regular grater unit (you know the one you use for cheese grating and always wonder at what you could use the smallest grater part for!).


  1. Warm 1/3 cup of milk on stove top until bubbles start to from. Set aside too cool slightly.
  2. Boil water in kettle, once boiled let water settle for 1 minute.
  3. Place Organic Green Tea with Peppermint tea bag into heat proof mug.
  4. Once water has settled for 1 minute pour water over tea bag (just enough to cover the tea bag) and let steep for 3 minutes to accumulate flavor (approximately 1 inch of water).
  5. Remove tea bag
  6. Measure out 1 TBSP (or two depending on how sweet you want to make your drink) and pour on top of the steeped tea.
  7. Pour warm milk into mug.
  8. Mix all together with a spoon until fully combined.
  9. Remove candy cane from wrapping and place inside the warm beverage.
  10. Stir mixture fully.
  11. Add mini marshmallows to the top of your drink.
  12. Add Whipped cream and chocolate shavings if desired.
  13. Enjoy !!

This is such a tasty treat that you might not of thought to make before. We know our teas stand the test of time in flavor and we wanted to bring you a recipe that you can take with you in the years to come for your holiday moments that will bring a smile to your face and taste delicious at   those Holiday festivities.


We also suggest trying this hot chocolate drink but instead of the Green Tea With Peppermint blend, why not try our Moroccan Mint Tea blend. Our Moroccan Mint Tea blend is made from the roots of mint leaves and is caffeine-free. Its minty taste is a great herbal blend perfect for drinking after a meal as it aids with digestion. And we think it would taste great as a peppermint hot chocolate too!! However you would have to steep the tea bag for 3-4 minutes instead to get that minty taste just right.

If you try this recipe we would love to hear how you like it!

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