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The Proven Benefits of Matcha Green Tea For Your Skin

The Proven Benefits of Matcha Green Tea For Your Skin

Oct 30, 2021


Matcha Green Tea Healthy Skin Benefits

Drinking tea is a great way to boost your health while enjoying a variety of delicious flavors. Matcha green tea, in particular, is proven to have many health benefits, especially for your skin. Along with your skincare products, enjoying a cup of matcha daily might just be what you need to start looking and feeling better.

If you deal with a sallow complexion, excess acne, or the premature signs of aging, consider switching out your morning beverage for Oteas Organic Pure Matcha Tea. In this blog post, we outline how your skin will benefit from the change and why match has become so popular. Wellness often begins from the inside out, which is why it’s important to consider what you put in your body and how it will affect you long-term.

Antioxidants to Help Combat Inflammation

A prominent reason why your skin might feel irritated or sensitive is inflammation. This can be caused by external irritants or poor nutrition. Matcha green tea is proven to have high amounts of catechins, which help combat this inflammation. These antioxidants fight off the effects of free radicals that cause damage to cells and lead to disease.

The great news is that matcha has higher amounts of catechins than just green tea, so if this is your favorite morning drink you’re in luck!

Methylxanthines for a Clear, Even Complexion

Uneven skin and a sallow complexion could be linked to poor circulation. Cardiovascular activities are a great way to get that blood flowing and give your cheeks a rosy glow. But what if you can’t participate in high-intensity physical activities? Studies have shown that matcha is rich in methylxanthines, stimulants that help promote blood flow and reduce inflammation.

This is why drinking a cup of it a day can help make your skin look clearer and more even without invasive procedures or more skincare products. The best part is that despite the stimulants in matcha, it won’t give you the same jittery feeling or inevitable crash that comes with coffee!

Helps Reduce Stress, Leading to Fewer Breakouts

As mentioned above, catechins are great for their antioxidant properties and for reducing inflammation. However, as they combat the damaging effects of free radicals on the body they also help reduce stress. Stress (as any over-worked student or busy mom knows) is directly linked to increased acne breakouts.

Matcha green tea powder—unlike its steeped counterpart—is much richer in these antioxidants, therefore has a better ability to help calm you down and reduce the possibility of unnecessary breakouts. Incorporating a cup into your daily routine could be a simple way to keep your complexion clear as well as keep your mind at ease.

Anti-aging Properties

Another benefit of the antioxidants in matcha green tea is its anti-aging properties. Free radicals damage cells and lead to premature aging by breaking down the skin’s collagen. This then causes issues like wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. The antioxidants in matcha can help fight them off and promote skin health. While there’s nothing wrong with embracing yourself as you age, giving your body a helping hand in long-term maintenance can boost self-esteem and overall wellness. 

Reduces Sebum

As you age, and throughout the majority of your life, you will experience hormonal fluctuations. It’s normal and part of every person’s life cycle. However, with hormonal imbalances, especially during puberty or stressful moments, your skin will experience changes. One of these changes includes the production of excess sebum.

Sebum, a fatty acid part of lipids, is produced by the sebaceous glands found all over the body to help keep your skin lubricated. When there is too much sebum production it can lead to chronic, painful acne. Matcha green tea has been shown to regulate the hormones that produce excess sebum, helping to unclog pores and reduce irritating breakouts.

While many skin issues can be very complex and difficult to treat, there are nutritional options that can also help. Adding matcha to your morning routine is a simple way to give your body some antioxidants so that you can start looking and feeling better from the inside out.


At Oteas we package all our teas and powders in biodegradable material so that you can rest assured you’re being kind to the planet too! Visit our website today to discover your favourite matcha flavour.

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